We are an intergenerational daycare which focuses on learning through child-led play.


Daycare Connection Childcare Society’s Board and Educators believe:

1) That all children and families are unique and deserve to be treated in a

    respectful manner that honours and celebrates a family’s diversity and cultural background.     In doing so the educators, director and board will maintain an open communication                 relationship with all families that will act as both a partnership with parents/guardians and       a resource when needed.


2) That choosing an early childhood setting is an important, and hard decision, for families to       make. In trusting Daycare Connection they have the right to an early childhood                     environment that is physically safe, promotes health on all levels and offers a nurturing           environment that supports all areas of a child’s development.

3) That children learn best through play and each program offers opportunities that challenge     and motivate children through hands-on activities while also promoting learning in both           guided and self-directed play. This provides learning moments that enhance a child’s ability     to problem solve and their ability to positively participate in constructive cooperation with       the other children.

4) Families have a right to take an active part in their child’s daycare experience

    and by having an open door policy DCCS encourages families to participate in the program     in whatever way they are most comfortable with. 

5) That the Director and the employees must always demonstrate a high standard of

     professionalism and strive to stay up to date on new, or changes to, all relevant legislation      and early childhood pedagogy.

In The


NOTE: Both centres are PEANUT and TREENUT aware centre. 

There are no other restrictions in effect at this time.

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